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I transitioned from deepstack on my blue iris and it seems that I'm having a lot of performance issues. I have an i7-12700 and 32 gb ram.

What I have tried:

If I use either the yolo v5 or (only one on at a time), there is constant ai timeouts and restarts of codeproject, but it seems it eventually (maybe after several hours) starts working ok. With yolo v5, I get person detection around 1500 ms and with and gpu(direct ml) I get around 250 ms. If I try to use custom models on either setup, my entire system lags (the entire windows machine even trying to move the mouse around the screen), but the cpu and ram are not near max (maybe 40%, which does seem high). I also can't turn on the alpr, if I do, nothing is ever detected with any settings (gives ai error 404) and I read on a reddit post that unchecking the alpr option fixes it, this worked for me.
Updated 24-Mar-23 6:13am

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Your question will probably get a faster response if posted at CodeProject.AI Discussions[^] .
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