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Hi guys.
My system has these audio playback devices:
1 - Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
2 - CABLE Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable) (Actually "CABLE Input" is just name and it isn't input. It is related to playback of the sound system of my laptop.)

What I have tried:

After a lot of web searching, I found bellow code. But this is only recognizing the audio systems, not changing.
Public Function getSoundDevices(Optional strComputer As String = ".") As Object
    Const cstrQuery As String = "Select * from Win32_SoundDevice"
    Dim objWMIService As Object 'TypeName = SWbemServicesEx '

    Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2")
    Set getSoundDevices = objWMIService.ExecQuery(cstrQuery, , 48)
    Set objWMIService = Nothing
End Function

Then call the function to use the SWbemObjectSet as input for your other code.
Public Sub test_getSoundDevices()
    Dim objSoundDevices As Object 'TypeName = SWbemObjectSet '
    Dim objDevice As Object 'TypeName = SWbemObjectEx '
    Set objSoundDevices = getSoundDevices()
    For Each objDevice In objSoundDevices
        '* do what you want for each sound device here *'
        Debug.Print "ProductName: " & objDevice.ProductName
    Next objDevice
    Set objDevice = Nothing
    Set objSoundDevices = Nothing
End Sub
Updated 26-Mar-23 1:06am
Gerry Schmitz 26-Mar-23 1:02am    
Cable "input" is not "playback"; it isn't switchable with "speakers" (i.e. audio output ... or "line out" .. or phone jack)
Sh.H. 26-Mar-23 6:59am    
Dear Gerry!
Actually "CABLE Input" is the name. It is related to output of the sound system of my laptop.
I gonna add this message in the main post.
Thanks for mentioning.
Gerry Schmitz 26-Mar-23 13:30pm    
The MANUAL appears to contain everything you need to know.
Member 15627495 27-Mar-23 3:28am    
your function don't have a return 'obj' statement, can you explain me the 'how' ? which 'object' is sent ?

why define a const '"Select * from Win32_SoundDevice"' just to store a string query ?
Set getSoundDevices = objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_SoundDevice", , 48)
// it's 'one way use' in your script
Sh.H. 27-Mar-23 3:34am    
Thanks. But after this code you wrote, which one will be selected? 'Speakers' or 'CABLE-Input' ?

1 solution

After a lot of searching, I found a solution.
Here it is:
I used an application called 'SoundVolumeView.exe' from this website:
View / change sound volume on Windows from command line or GUI[^]

This application is very useful and you can do anything with your audio system.

So I used bellow code in my VBA Excel project to change playback device. It changes my audio system to Omni and set the volume to 100% and makes it unmute.

Call Shell(ThisWorkbook.Path & "\SoundVolumeView.exe" & _
    " /SetDefault " & Chr(34) & "Omni" & Chr(34) & " 0" & _
    " /SetDefault " & Chr(34) & "Omni" & Chr(34) & " 1" & _
    " /SetVolume " & Chr(34) & "Omni" & Chr(34) & " 100" & _
    " /Unmute " & Chr(34) & "Omni" & Chr(34), vbNormalFocus)
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