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I grouped my report based on customer_status and transaction_id, the report is fetching quite Owk. the problem am facing when I tried to sum the total column of grand_total, it doesn't give me the actual Summation, it double sum the first customer row which is (18,700) to 37,400 and plus the second row which give (54,400). My calculations was to be (35,700)

My grand_total feild =fields!grand_total.Values 

What I have tried:

My sum grand_total column
=Sum(CDec(fields!grand_total.Values), "DataSet1"). because I have two(2) datasets

=Sum(CDec(fields!grand_total.Values), "DataSet1") =Sum(CDec(First(fields!grand_total.Values)), "DataSet1") Displayed error of type there is an inner aggregation. =Sum(Max(CDec(fields!grand_total.Values)), "DataSet1") Same error as above =Sum(CDec(fields!grand_total.Values, "grand_total"), "DataSet1") error =Sum(CDec(fields!grand_total.Values),"grand_total", "DataSet1")

It keeps on showing (TextBox) has an inner aggregate in an outer aggregate that specifies a dataset scope. An aggregate that specifies a dataset scope cannot contain other aggregate
Updated 31-Mar-23 4:37am
Gerry Schmitz 31-Mar-23 13:07pm    
A "grand total" is as high as you can go (the sum of all other sums) ... How can you "sum" it?
Member 14968757 31-Mar-23 13:24pm    
The grand total is an independent column, it doesn't depend on other columns

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