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I am writing a program to display hotkeys being used for video tutorials.

I need to detect an I-Beam cursor globally or a global cursor change. This is for the purpose of detecting if the user is entering some text or about to enter some text, in which case it is not a hotkey and as such don't show whats being typed.

Is it possible to do this in a C# WPF application ? - I have googled it to death, and nothing really tells me how to do this.

Any Help would be appreciated


What I have tried:

public static extern bool GetCursorInfo(out CursorInfo info);
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Apr-23 22:43pm    
I don't even think Windows support such a notification. I've never heard of anything like that.
Robert Andersen 2022 5-Apr-23 22:53pm    
OK - that sucks, but thanks mate!
0x01AA 6-Apr-23 7:05am    
Can be I don't understand your request. But for me it looks like you need something like this: Preview events - WPF .NET | Microsoft Learn[^]
Robert Andersen 2022 6-Apr-23 11:16am    
Thanks - tunneling is probably above my pay grade
What I am ultimately trying to do is detect the user is about to enter text, ie: renam something, enter numeric sizes etc. If the user is about to do any of these don't show keyboard hotkeys on tutorial screen. The only two ways I can think off to do this, is to detect an active caret, or see if the cursor changes to the I-Beam.

0x01AA 6-Apr-23 11:21am    
You are welcome.
'tunneling is probably above my pay grade': I don't think so, give it a try ;)

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