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I have a Net Core app which sends SignalR notifications when certain events occur, my client ( Web app ) captures these notifications using SignalR client C# handlers. All working perfectly. I would like to have a Javascript client which does the same thing because I need to manipulate the DOM - I downloaded some Javascript which connects to the server fine, but never receives any notifications - this is the code

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function ()
    var connection = new signalR.HubConnectionBuilder()
            skipNegotiation: true,
            transport: signalR.HttpTransportType.WebSockets

    connection.on("PGNotify", function (message)
        console.log("Notification received --> ", message);

    async function start() {
        console.log("Starting SignalR client");
        await connection.start();
        console.log("SignalR connected");

As I said earlier the code connects ok but never receives any notifications.
Any ideas guys ?

What I have tried:

What I show above and googling
Updated 10-Apr-23 21:07pm
0x01AA 8-Apr-23 9:18am    
pkfox 8-Apr-23 10:25am    
Hi thanks for your reply , If it was a CORS problem the c# code wouldn't work either and it does
0x01AA 8-Apr-23 12:37pm    
I was assuming your js runs in a browser. And from what I understand CORS is handled by the browser and only by it. But yes, I don't know so much in that field, was anyway only a wild guess *blush* ;)

I'm pretty sure that @RichardDeeming can solve that :D
Richard Deeming 11-Apr-23 3:15am    
CORS only applies to JavaScript, not to C#. :)
pkfox 11-Apr-23 4:58am    
Thanks Richard have you any idea on my other ( related ) question ?

1 solution

I cleared the browser cache and it started working - back to the original problem where the list item dissappears
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