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First let me be honest - I haven't wrote any code for this - I am only looking for an advice... I am C# developer.
I am planning to develop an application (Web) and want automatic update like Facebook (FB), on FB when a friend post/comment, the page does not flicks, the time and posting of comments automatically. I looking for something like that - I am not doing a chat application. Explaining all will take time - It's a personal project.

A reference to reading material will be helpful, thanks.
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AspDotNetDev 28-Jan-13 19:36pm    
FYI, I deleted the text you posted as an answer, as it should have been posted as a comment on my answer instead. Also, good luck. :-)
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Thanks, I was also advised to do so on other posts. Long time I have been here and missed(didn't not of) changes - I also lost points for that! Thanks once more...

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There are many ways to accomplish what you're after, so I'll just give a brief summary of one approach.

You'd use setTimeout or setInterval (in JavaScript) to periodically make AJAX calls to a web service to check for new content. When you get new content from the web service (perhaps in the form of JSON), you'd use JavaScript (perhaps jQuery) to update the DOM elements so the page shows the new content.

If you want reading material, I recommend Googling the above bolded terms. Probably best to read a book or two as well; perhaps one of them about AJAX and another that involves AJAX/web services.

ASP.NET MVC would be an alternative to web services, as it too can easily return JSON from the server via AJAX to be processed by JavaScript. For that, you'd want to look into returning JSON from action methods.
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member60 28-Jan-13 22:53pm    
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