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I want to get all rows of H2 to be equal to the edited rows of G2 as the code below describes but I can't figure out the proper for loop or another way of doing it
I tried #2 with bad results

What I have tried:

X = Range("G2")
Y = Mid(X, 9, 2) + Mid(X, 5, 3) + Right(X, 2)
Range("H2").value = Y


X = Range("G2:G200")
Y = Mid(X, 9, 2) + Mid(X, 5, 3) + Right(X, 2)
Range("H2:H200").value = Y
Updated 17-Apr-23 10:08am

1 solution

You mean something like that:
Dim wsh as Worksheet 
Dim X As String, Y As String
Dim i as Integer

Set wsh = ThiWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1")
For i = 2 to 200
  X = CStr(wsh.Range("G" & i))
  Y = Mid(X, 9, 2) & Mid(X, 5, 3) & Right(X, 2)    
  wsh.Range("H" & i) = Y
Next i
Set wsh = Nothing
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Derek Duron 17-Apr-23 15:31pm    
Whenever I try the above I get the following error: Run-Time Error'13'. Type mismatch on line: Y = Mid(X, 9, 2) + Mid(X, 5, 3) + Right(X, 2)
Maciej Los 17-Apr-23 15:38pm    
Sorry, i forgot that VBA uses [&] to concatenate string, instead of [+].
Derek Duron 17-Apr-23 15:41pm    
I tried using both & and +, both of them give me the same error
Maciej Los 17-Apr-23 15:48pm    
What is the length of text stored in "G" & i?
BTW: Y should be a string variable :)
Derek Duron 17-Apr-23 15:50pm    
All strings in G have a length of 24

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