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I wanted to know on which sim i am getting a call if i have a dual sim device over a bluetooth connection with AT commands.I am sending AT commands to an android/ios device from windows over a bluetooth(hfp) connection and when I checked some AT commands like ATD,AT+CLCC,ATA,AT+CHUP give same results on all devices but AT+CNUM gives different results on different devices, so is it because of a different android versions or bluetooth versions.

What I have tried:

Right now on Oppo F11 pro (Android 11,Bluetooth v:4.2) AT+CNUM gives the sim number on which i am receiving a call but on other devices like pixel 6a,Iphone 12 pro, One Plus 10t it gives the default sim information not the one i am using for call.
Updated 20-Apr-23 1:58am

1 solution

Did you Google for "AT+CNUM" and start looking at the discussions other people are having on it and its responses?

I'm guessing you didn't.
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Aryaveer Chaudhary 20-Apr-23 8:16am    
my oppo f11 pro is a dual sim phone and when i run AT+CNUm during a call it gives me the information of the sim on which i am getting a call but on other devices it is giving differnt information and i also know for some people it is only giving ok as an output so to resolve that they have to first save the sim number using some AT command. so my question is can i also run some AT commands and make At commands to behave like i want them to or is it default like i cannot change anything
Dave Kreskowiak 20-Apr-23 8:43am    
You cannot change the behavior of any AT commands. It's a case of changing your understanding of how they work for different vendors of phones/sims.
Aryaveer Chaudhary 20-Apr-23 8:17am    
so basically i just want to know on which sim i am having a call using AT commands
Aryaveer Chaudhary 20-Apr-23 9:08am    
so is there any to know on which sim i am getting a call over a bluetooth or any other wireless connection?
Dave Kreskowiak 20-Apr-23 9:09am    
I have no idea. I have never used a dual-sim device.

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