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I have an error when insert data into mssql table using
error is
 'Conversion failed when converting date 
and/or time from character string.
The data for table-valued parameter "@MODetails_TYPE" doesn't conform to the table 
type of the parameter. SQL Server error is: 241, state: 1
The statement has been terminated.'

Where did I mistake ?

Pls advice me
Thank you


What I have tried:

Data table column is
[DocNo] [nvarchar](120) NULL,
[DocDate] [datetime] NULL,
[PubDate] [datetime] NULL,
[MainSection] [nvarchar](150) NULL,
[SubSection] [nvarchar](150) NULL,
[Position] [nvarchar](150) NULL,
[PageNumber] [numeric](18, 0) NULL,
[SizeCode] [nvarchar](120) NULL,
[Remarks] [nvarchar](500) NULL,
[CreateOn] [datetime] NULL)

       Dim MoDetails As New DataTable()
	   MoDetails.Columns.Add("docno", GetType(String))
	   MoDetails.Columns.Add("docdate", GetType(String))
       MoDetails.Columns.Add("PubDate", GetType(DateTime))
       MoDetails.Columns.Add("mainsection", GetType(String))
       MoDetails.Columns.Add("subsection", GetType(String))
       MoDetails.Columns.Add("position", GetType(String))
	   MoDetails.Columns.Add("pagenumber", GetType(Decimal))
       MoDetails.Columns.Add("SizeCode", GetType(String))
       MoDetails.Columns.Add("Remarks", GetType(String))
       MoDetails.Columns.Add("CreateOn", GetType(DateTime))

	' MO details from GridView

        Dim pubdate_value As DateTime = DateTime.ParseExact(gv.Rows(i).Cells(0).Text.ToString(), "yyyy-MM-dd", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)
        Dim format_pubdate = pubdate_value.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd")
        For Each row As GridViewRow In gv.Rows
            Dim pubdate As DateTime = format_pubdate
            Dim mainsection As String = row.Cells(1).Text
            Dim subsection As String = row.Cells(2).Text
            Dim position As String = row.Cells(3).Text
            Dim SizeCode As String = row.Cells(4).Text
            Dim Remarks As String = row.Cells(5).Text
            Dim pagenumber As Decimal = Convert.ToDecimal(row.Cells(6).Text)
            Dim Docno As String = Me.txtDocNo.Text
            Dim Docdate As String = format_Docdate
            Dim CreateOn As DateTime = Date.Now

            MoDetails.Rows.Add(pubdate, mainsection, subsection, position, SizeCode, Remarks, pagenumber, Docno, docdate,CreatOn)

        'table-valued parameter
        Dim MoDetailsParam As New SqlParameter("@MODetails_TYPE", SqlDbType.Structured)
        MoDetailsParam.Value = MoDetails
        MoDetailsParam.TypeName = "dbo.MODetails_TYPE"

        ' SqlCommand object
Updated 27-Apr-23 21:49pm
Member 15627495 28-Apr-23 2:42am    
the error 241 for Sql Server is about : dateTime error...

DateTime have hours Minutes seconds integrated.
the value you want to process have the Date only.

fix your field with a reliable value, the Date Only.

In the table type the docdate column is defined as a datetime data type - [DocDate] [DateTime] NULL - and then in the DataTable definition, the docdate column is defined as a string data type - MoDetails.Columns.Add("docdate", GetType(String)).

In the For Each loop the last two variables in the Rows.Add command are spelt wrong.

In the For Each loop you create a string variable, format_pubdate and then assign it to the DateTime variable pubdate before using it in the Rows.Add command, this may be causing an issue.

Your code extract does not include a declaration nor an assignment for the format_Docdate variable.

Some suggestions.
Change this line :
MoDetails.Columns.Add("docdate", GetType(String))

To :
MoDetails.Columns.Add("docdate", GetType(DateTime))

If the pubdate field should be the same in every row then change this line :
Dim pubdate As DateTime = format_pubdate

Dim pubdate As DateTime = pubdate_value

and delete this line (change dd-MM-yyyy to match your needs) :
Dim format_pubdate = pubdate_value.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy")

If the pubdate field should be the different in every row then change it to :
Dim pubdate As DateTime = DateTime.ParseExact(row.Cells(0).Text.ToString(), "yyyy-MM-dd", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)

The above also probably applies to Docdate and format_Docdate where you need to check variable types and ensure the formating is correct.
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You have defined DocDate, PubDate and CreateOn as DateTime types, so you must pass them DateTime values, not strings. So use the DateTime.TryParse Method (System) | Microsoft Learn[^] to get the correct value types.
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