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I have to store attachments and pictures from HCL Notes to MS Sql database. I encounter two issues. First the Notes array limit is 32767 whereas the attachment can be like 0.5 MB to 3 MB.

It says


on this line

Redim attachmentBytes(32768) As Byte

when I try to save the code in the designer.

So I think I have to build like an array of arrays to completely store the object. But here comes the second issue: how will I move this array to the varbinary field (attachment) of my table in MS Sql db?

I'll highly appreciate if somebody points to any other thread with such code coz I think this may be pretty common scenario faced by many developers.

I didn't place the code to extract attachments and move into array element for now coz I think that is not much relevant at this time, but I'll place it if asked to do so.


What I have tried:

I have tried stream and byte array but in vain. In fact, I'm looking for a function of GetEmbeddedObject which can provide the attachment object in like a binary stream or byte array or anything.
Updated 6-May-23 21:15pm
CHill60 4-May-23 5:09am    
I never store binaries in the database - I use a file system to store them and just store that (relative) location in the database table. It's a common technique.
mtoha 8-May-23 6:44am    
I am agree with above comment. never store file in the database. I store my file to hdd/ssd disk space or file store firebase or something like that. You can also using FTP if needed.

1 solution

hi, probably need one of the blob datatypes for the image. you mention 'attachments' but don't give details ... if its text then use the TEXT datatype.

check out :
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baburman 31-May-23 0:46am    
By attachment i mean images and pdf documents.

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