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 I want to consider the edges/borders of the screens and place the gameObject accordingly with sufficient padding across those edges/borders of screens. Also I have to keep the scale(x & y) equal. 
I have to prevent it from being bigger or smaller and getting out of the view or overlapping with other objects in the game scene. BTW it's a 2D game.

What I have tried:

I have tried Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint but don't know how to guide it to get what I want. And I don't think it would be sufficient to do that.
Updated 7-May-23 23:27pm
Dr. Punch 5-Sep-23 12:36pm    
Did you found a solution for your problem?
I have the same problem, I need to adjust my prefabs(gameObjects) to scale with the resolution of the device the game has been used on. Otherwise the mechanics of the gameplay change.
I know that big game studios are using assets with different dimensions for different resolutions.
But as a solo game dev that's a lot of work and very time consuming.

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arpitsrivstva 8-May-23 4:09am    
NO! The video is for canvas/UI elements like all the other youtube videos. But I need anything to scale and set the padding boundaries of my element according to different screen sizes outside the canvas - Not UI objects.
Graeme_Grant 8-May-23 4:40am    
The unity help room would be a better place to ask this question. Here is the link: All Posts in Help Room - Unity Answers[^] or their Forums: Unity Forums[^]

Both of these official links were in the Google Search link that I provided above. There are many more options / solutions, you just need to look.

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