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The CORS error, which stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, occurs when a web application running on one domain tries to access resources (such as data or files) located on another domain. This issue is primarily a security measure implemented by web browsers to prevent unauthorized access to resources on different domains.

When a web application attempts to access resources on a different domain, the web browser checks whether the domain of the resource matches the domain of the requesting application. If the domains do not match, the browser will block the request, and the CORS error will occur.

This error can cause issues for us who need to access resources across different domains, such as APIs or data hosted on different servers.

What I have tried:

I tried to disable CORS in the browser, but this did not work.
Updated 11-May-23 21:13pm

1 solution

You "solve" the CORS error by either adding the appropriate Cross-Origin Resource Sharing[^] headers to the remote site that you're trying to access, or changing your code so that it doesn't try to access resources on a different site.

Trying to change your browser settings to circumvent a legitimate security restriction is not an option.

Since you haven't provided any details of what you're trying to do, what the problem is, what you have tried, or where you are stuck, we can't tell you any more than that.
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