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hello, so I was trying to make a program in C# where u send a joystick input to program, what I mean by that is there is no google search on it and I want to know if there is a way to hook a Dll into a program with controller index, as I how many controllers u want to hook into a gaming program, is that possible
if u have any suggestions let me know and if u see any mistakes I made let me know as well

What I have tried:

I tried to find it on google but only found results with C++ and not C#. Since I think it's only for C++, I tried combining C# and C++, but that would be too difficult. I found code to copy on XinputEmu, but the code is too difficult. It does not support sending different controller indexes to specific windows, which is what I am trying to do.

I also read all the code project articles and I couldn't find what I wanted to find for C#. Is there any code I could use for process starting and gamepad hooking into the process, and if possible as a DLL.

Heres XinputEmu BTW:
Updated 13-May-23 14:58pm

1 solution

I would start by looking at the articles on this site about joysticks : Search for Joysticks at CodeProject[^]

That will show you how the interfaces work. Once you understand that then you should be able to implement your own interface. That is, if I understand what you are asking and I am not entirely certain that I do.
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prohetguy 12-May-23 18:45pm    
thx so much for ur help man, i will try
prohetguy 12-May-23 20:42pm    
hello, so I red all the articles and I couldn't find what I wanted to find for C#, is there any code i can get for process starting and gamepad hooking into the process when it starts with DLL, its ok if u don't want to I completely understand

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