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==== i am trying to figure out why, when i click the spin button my code doesn't run. it freeze.

int num1;
           int num2;
           int num3;
           Random RndNumber = new Random();
           double cash;
           string addCash;
           for (; ; )
               cash = Convert.ToDouble(txtAdd.Text);
               addCash = cash.ToString();
               label2.Text = addCash;
               if (label2.Text == "")
                   MessageBox.Show("YOU NEED TO ADD MORE BEFORE PLAING");
                   num1 = RndNumber.Next(0, 10);
                   num2 = RndNumber.Next(0, 10);
                   num3 = RndNumber.Next(0, 10);

                   btnOne.Text = num1.ToString();
                   btnTwo.Text += num2.ToString();
                   btnThree.Text += num3.ToString();

                       MessageBox.Show("Congrats! you win");

What I have tried:

i am new to coding so i tried debugging.
Updated 13-May-23 4:22am
Member 15627495 13-May-23 9:43am    
Hello !

what are you expecting with the "for loop" ?
Kenneth Haugland 13-May-23 9:45am    
I think you have some logical flaws in your code. Why not check if the num1 == num2 and num2 == num3 instead?
0x01AA 13-May-23 9:51am    
Looks like you only have to wait long enough until the random number num1, num2 and num3 will be the same...
Member 15627495 13-May-23 9:59am    
your code is not freezing, but "busy state".

add the 'exit loop test' in your for( ; ; ) or use while(1){.....}

to see your program ending, you have to reach '' var1 == var 2 == var 3 'it will not happen because of strings and + operator'

but for label 2 and 3, you're adding String to your button values.

review the all label.text, to fix your code.

1 solution

          long long cash = 0 ;
          Random RndNumber = new Random();

if (txtAdd.Text == "")
   MessageBox.Show("YOU NEED TO ADD MORE cucumber BEFORE PLAYING");
  while(1){ // infinite loop will proceed until the 3 output values are equal.
           btnOne.Text = RndNumber.Next(0, 10).toString();
           btnTwo.Text = RndNumber.Next(0, 10).toString();
           btnThree.Text = RndNumber.Next(0, 10).toString();

           if( btnOne.Text == btnTwo.Text && btnTwo.Text == btnThree.Text )
              cash  += 120000 ; // random gain
              MessageBox.Show("Congrats! You Win");
              return 0 ;


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0x01AA 13-May-23 10:27am    
Oh yes the "+=" i did not recognize. My 5.
Mohamed Jawo 16-May-23 10:12am    
thanks for the help, I got it figure out.

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