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I am trying to sum profits with avarage price of both purchase price and sale price this is the result that i expect according to calculator:
The result is: 38.4026667

How to get this result in sqlite?

In my SQLite i have the following data:
In purchases:
Pro ID.    Qnty.  Price
Item1.     36        2.333
Item1.     24        2.5
Item1.     48.       2.4

Total of quantity is 108

In sales : 
Pro ID.       Qnty.  Price
Item1          24        4

In products:
Pro ID 


I need to show all rows of data not only one row

What I have tried:

I tried this but I got result that i don't expect:

SELECT p_name,
(sum(sa_quantity * sa_price) / sum(sa_quantity))
(Sum(pur_quantity * pur_price) / Sum(pur_quantity))
As Profits 
from sales
join products on 
join purchases on 
group by p_name
Updated 24-May-23 16:02pm

1 solution

Here is how I would look at it before I create the Sql statement:
item 1. 	36	2.333	83.988	
item 1. 	24	2.57	60	
item 1. 	48	2.4	115.2	
Total		108		259.188

avg purchase price = 259.188 / 108 = 2.399888889

So if sell price is 4.00 * 24 = 96
The total cost is 2.399888889 * 24 = 57.59733333
The profit is 96 - 57.59733333 = 38.40266667

So now rework your Sql statement to use:
WITH avg_price AS (
  SELECT AVG(pur_quantity * pur_price) AS avg_pur_price
  FROM products
  WHERE product_id = item_id // item1
  GROUP BY product_id
SELECT (sa_quantity * sa_price) - (sa_quantity * avg_pur_price) AS total_profit
FROM avg_price;

Note, this is not tested but should get you there...

I've run a test and this works:
WITH cost AS(
     SELECT SUM(quantity * unit_cost) AS tl, SUM(quantity) AS qty
     FROM products
     WHERE product_id = item_id

SELECT(sa_quantity * sa_price) - ( / cost.qty) * sa_quantity AS total_profit
FROM cost
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brahim farhat (AAD) 24-May-23 16:11pm    
Hello I am showing data in adapter so I don't use conditions i need to show everything all products that having a sale ID can you show an example of that?
brahim farhat (AAD) 24-May-23 17:10pm    
I can't understand your example you showed her only one table i have three tables ??
Graeme_Grant 24-May-23 19:12pm    
I fixed the part that needed fixing. It does correctly do the calculation for you. I don't have your database, only you do.

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