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Hi All

Been working on this a while and have not been able to get my Yolo6.2 object detection to work on my gpu it insists on using cpu

I have CodeProject installed on a ESX Windows VM and have passed through a 980TI. Its working with my Agent DVR install but processing on the CPU.

Installed Nvidia driver 516.40, Cuda 11.7 and CUDnn

GPU is detected by codeproject (says support enabled on boot) and cuda = true but I cannot get YOLO to start on it. There

Im on latest beta of code project

What I have tried:

uninstalled everything and reinstalled in order driver, cuda, cudnn, codeproject

selected "enable gpu" and "disable half precision"

this is what comes up in the log " Inference processing will occur on device 'CPU'

uninstalled and reinstalled YOLO 6.2

restarted service and VM
Updated 24-May-23 0:18am
Richard Deeming 24-May-23 4:52am    
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Add your IDE to windows programs that turn on with gpu
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