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Good morning. I'm crushing my head to find a way to simulate the "IN (SELECT" sql clause.
I have two tables in a dataset and a relation between them (i. e. Orders and Articles). I neeed to filter orders containing a given article (by Id or by Description)

The structure I'm trying to reproduce is:
SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE idOrder IN (SELECT idOrder FROM Articles WHERE Articles.Description like '%something%')

Can anyone help me?

What I have tried:

I tried to search documentation in internet... without success...
Updated 4-Jun-23 22:24pm
jekin77 1-Jun-23 5:53am    
try with LINQ by using contains method
Andre Oosthuizen 1-Jun-23 6:19am    
Show us your current SQL statement for easier understanding. Use the 'Improve Question' to edit your question.
Gerry Schmitz 1-Jun-23 11:33am    
You select the articles (by "id or description"); then retrieve the related order (related, I assume, on "order id"); which implies not "articles"; but "order items" that reference an article.
PIEBALDconsult 1-Jun-23 13:22pm    
Use the RowFilter property of the DataTable's DefaultView ( DataView ).
dataset.Tables [ " ... " ].DefaultView.RowFilter = " ... " ;
Jean Ferre 3-Jun-23 8:38am    
What have you tried to do in your code so far? Could you improve your question and add some code in "What I have tried" section, please

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