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Its my first time using angular and java. So Im learning from tasks. I already made a call from frontend to backend to retrieve a count number (sends number from frontend, searches the database and return the output from the query). Now I have a similar task to send the same number to backend but now when searching the database I receive 4 string returns and have to send that to frontend to output it. The problem is I don't know how to send 2 gets on the same endpoint.


public PayloadResponse<long> getCount(EntityRequest<long> request);


    public PayloadResponse<long> getCount(EntityRequest<long> request) {
        Long itemId = request.getEntity();
        Long count = itemDAO.getCount(itemId);
        PayloadResponse<long> response = new PayloadResponse<>(request, ResponseCode.OK, count);
        return response;


    public PayloadResponse<long> getCount(@PathVariable Long itemId) {
        var request = new EntityRequest<>(itemId);
        return itemService.getCount(request);


public Long getCount(Long itemId) {
        String hql = "select count( distinct from ItemEntity i join MapTileResourceEntity mtr on mtr.resourceId = :itemId "
                + "and mtr.resourceType = :resourceType join MapTileEntity mt on = join MapEntity m on =";
        TypedQuery<long> query = entityManager.createQuery(hql, Long.class).setParameter("itemId", itemId).setParameter("resourceType",
        return query.getSingleResult();

What I have tried:

I tried making 2 getters with the same endpoint in frontend but it doesnt work
Updated 5-Jun-23 9:28am

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