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I am working with TailwindCSS. It has a JS script to find in your HTML file the TailwindCSS used and inject into a "style" tag of the HTML file.

<html><br />
  <head><br />
    <script src=""></script><br />
  </head><br />
  <body><br />
    <div id="loading" class=" flex h-screen"><br />
      <div class="m-auto"><br />
        <button class="btn rounded-full bg-red-700 p-5 text-white"><br />
          A red pill<br />
        </button><br />
      </div><br />
    </div><br />
  </body><br />
</html><br />

Here a simple example:

Can see the code to see the injected by the Tailwind .js

Exists any vanilla JS tool to extract the classes used in a .css file of a HTML and inject into a "style" tag? It is for work in development and remove the .css file in production.

Note: I know libraries like "UnCss" or "PurgeCss" but it needs a Node.js server installed

Thank you

What I have tried:

In base a full.css file, generate a new css code with only the used classes. With vanila JS.
Member 15627495 6-Jun-23 2:29am    
as CSS are read and apply 'sequential', you do not need to locate a css field descriptor, then add one parameters.
you can put it at end of one file css, it will works !

the CSS need a accurate 'selector' , nothing else.

to help you understand :
 background-color:blue; // apply at reading
 background-color:yellow; // apply at reading
 background-color:red; // apply at reading, then :
 // the background will be 'red', because of a 'sequential reading' of the css
 // the last value for the color is display to the user.

later in my css file, I have again the same tag :

 // the background will be purple , not red

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