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I am currently trying to do something that involves the integration of components from a DVD writer, specifically the Optical Pickup Unit (OPU). My objective is to utilize its elements (laser, photodiode, etc.) as an imaging system. I want to view a biological sample placed between the glasses, basically, I want to use the OPU as a microscope.

In order to proceed with the coding, how should I start?
which one should be better, python or c++ or Arduino?

What I have tried:

I couldn't adapt the Burning CD/DVD Media articles to my objective, or another article about creating a CD audio file written in C++. I think I need to continue with C++. Can you share with me if you have information about this and any source you know? thanks so much.
Updated 6-Jun-23 10:19am
Rick York 6-Jun-23 16:29pm    
You would have to get into the firmware of DVD drive to see how it handles that and I think that would be a lost cause because it doesn't do imaging per se. It just detects the presence of pits. I doubt it has an actual frame buffer.

If you want an imaging system I think a better option would be one of the many USB microscopes that are available. Here is one example :
nisanriver 6-Jun-23 16:40pm    
Hi Rick! Thank you for your attention,
The OPU actually used in several articles for imaging like in this one: and this:
my main problem is the coding part, unfortunately, none of the articles had open access code. So I'm searching to find a relevant article here and honestly don't know how to proceed.
[no name] 6-Jun-23 21:38pm

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