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i want to retrieve a template from fingerprint device. and save it to a specific folder. means when i run the Java, c,c++,vb program, it should scan and save the fingerprint template from digital persona fingerprint device.

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OP added:
Consult vendor documentation:[^]
Updated 5-Feb-13 4:13am

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What kind of Fingerprint device? is there a API available?

The device must be connected & installed at the machine.
When it's available there, it should be available for programming - if intended to be so by the manufacturer.
Zoltán Zörgő 5-Feb-13 3:47am
[by OP]
its digital persona fingerprint scanner.
TorstenH. 5-Feb-13 9:17am
So as I see on there webpage, there must be a CD added to the device. And on that CD should be a SDK and probably also a breif description on how to get a valid result from the device.

There is probably some kind of lib that you have to add to your project and then some API with defined commands you can send to the device and some defined answers you get from it.

Please refer to that CD, the API-Description does not seem to be open.

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