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I have a gridview containing maximum 50 rows and a button below gridview. When that button is clicked some operation is done by taking data from gridview row by row. Its a long time process so i just want to do coding like:- for each row, operation will be done and showing to user that this row's operation done successfully. Then for 2nd row operation will be done and so on.

For each row control will go to server and finished work and come to user page and update that row by showing a status 'completed' and then control will go for 2nd row.

Dear Experts, Is it possible? If yes kindly suggest me, Its some kind of urgent need.
bbirajdar 31-Jan-13 6:36am
Yes..Its is possible... Use jQuery AJAX and call the server side methods for each row..
Sunil Kumar Pandab 31-Jan-13 7:45am
can u please give some sample code or small example for getting overall idea about what you saying...
ZurdoDev 31-Jan-13 8:00am Basically, create a webservice and then from jquery call your webservice passing in the values that you need. That way control can remain on the client side so that you can be showing progress updates.

1 solution

There are few ways to interact with server side through client side(Javascript):
1. XMLHttpRequest[^]
2. Callback[^]
3. WebService call[^]
4. PageMethod[^]

Try that you find fit.
Sunil Kumar Pandab 11-Feb-13 3:37am
Thanks dear.
By the help of PageMethod i did this.
Sandeep Mewara 11-Feb-13 9:53am
Good to know.

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