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I have this string:

T;150;;cha;;22052024;Glo snc;;;;

I have to tokenize but the first string is T, then 150 and then cha,
But I want:

T 150 and empty string and not must I do?


CString strToken = str_line.Tokenize(_T(";"), nTokenPos);
strToken = str_line.Tokenize(_T(";"), nTokenPos);

What I have tried:

I tried to use this code but it doesn't read empty string..
PIEBALDconsult 23-Feb-24 11:18am    
How about a Regular Expression?
Member 14594285 23-Feb-24 11:19am    
I don't understand
jeron1 23-Feb-24 12:27pm

A simple solution would be to write your own function that also recognizes empty tokens. It could look like this:
CString MyTokenize(CString& source, const LPCWSTR& delimeter, int& first)
    CString token;
    int count, end = source.Find(delimeter, first);

    if (end != -1) {
        count = end - first;
        token = source.Mid(first, count);
        first = end + 1; // next token
    else {
        count = source.GetLength() - first;
        token = source.Mid(first, count);
        first = -1;    // last token
    return token;
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CPallini 24-Feb-24 4:27am    
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CPallini 24-Feb-24 4:27am    

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