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I need to build a Tkinter desktop app with Sqlalchemy as a database. If I read the SQLite database, and print both the header and content of database as show as below:

What I have tried:

<pre lang="SQL">
from sqlalchemy import text, create_engine

engine = create_engine("sqlite:///my_db.db")
my_conn = engine.connect()

with engine.connect() as my_conn:
    content  = my_conn.execute(text("SELECT * FROM student_address LIMIT 10"))

    header = [r for r in content.keys()]
    content = [list(r) for r in content] 
    value = [header, content]

The result:
[['id', 'name', 'class', 'mark', 'gender', 'hostel', 'address'],
[[1, 'Kelvin Loh', 'Six', 'Male', '45', '1', 'ffff\n']]] # 3D array instead of 2D array

but what I need:
[['id', 'name', 'class', 'mark', 'gender', 'hostel', 'address'],
[1, 'Kelvin Loh', 'Six', 'Male', '45', '1', 'ffff\n']]

I whant the value show in CTKtable value=value.

How could I fix it?

1 solution

This code should give you the desired output format. Now, you can use this value variable to display your data in a Tkinter GUI, such as with a CTKtable widget. You'll need to integrate it into your Tkinter application accordingly.

from sqlalchemy import create_engine, MetaData, Table

engine = create_engine("sqlite:///my_db.db")

# Reflect the table structure
metadata = MetaData()

# Get the table object
table = Table('student_address', metadata, autoload=True, autoload_with=engine)

with engine.connect() as my_conn:
    # Fetch data from the table
    content = my_conn.execute(

    # Extract column names
    header = content.keys()

    # Extract rows
    rows = [list(row) for row in content]

    # Combine header and rows
    value = [list(header)] + rows

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Member 15783420 26-Mar-24 23:58pm    
Yes it worked

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