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I have created a Excel VBA macro that change the title bar of a application I have also created (Very simple Windows form application).

The VBA uses Public Declare PtrSafe Function SendMessage Lib "user32"... The Applications works like a charm when I execute the application using the executable. But it Won't work if I run the application via the Visual Studio debugger. Why is that it?

What I have tried:

I spy++ the handle making sure I was suing the right one!
I asked MS Copilots for some tricks.. no success
I have tried many debugger parameters with no success.
Maciej Los 19-Apr-24 14:54pm    
Don't understand what the problem is...
Why do you want to control VB.Net application from VBA? You can use interface(s)...
Can you be more specific and describe your problem in details?
Dave Kreskowiak 19-Apr-24 18:09pm    
Whenever you run the code under the debugger, you are still compiling to an executable and running the executable. Visual Studio does NOT execute your code directly.
Member 15627495 10-May-24 0:29am    
hi ,

what is the error return ?
is a Path or existing unreachable file ?

by compiler , the output App could be in different folders, do you work in the good one ?

please pick the error , to make understable your bug . thank you

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