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Data not loading on page refresh in blazor webassembly standalone app

What I have tried:

I have created a sample web app in blazor as webassembly standalone app,
then I simply published this web app in a local folder and hosted it in the iis as a website,
then I browse the site it worked properly but I refreshed the page then got the error page. I looked for the issue on internet then I found one setting to be done in the web.config file of the application. I did the same and error page did not come but the data was also not loaded which I am fetching from the sql server. Currently the sql server is in the same machine but I want the solution for both 1. sql server in local machine 2. sql server on a hosted server. Also the menus given in the left hand side got hidden and I was unable to expand them using the menu button just like app got hannged. On browsers back button I went back then app started working but the page refresh issue still persists.
Graeme_Grant 20-Apr-24 8:05am    
What error? Did you open the browser web tools > console window, reload the page and inspect the error message? What was the exact error? Hit the Improve link above and post the complete error message.

1 solution

Like desktop apps, you should use multiple techniques to capture and handle errors in your app. Blazor is no different. This page lists a number of strategies that you should be using: Handle errors in ASP.NET Core Blazor apps | Microsoft Learn[^].

Once you have the error information with call stack, you have the information needed to identify what is happening inside your app to track down and fix the issue.
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