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I develop a face recognizer(as an image classification model) software.i trained several models via image classification catalog and tensorflow models via colab.all models works satisfactory but i have a big problem; in order to use trained models i have to install nuget SciSharp.TensorFlow.Redist 2.3.1 but some of others(colab trained ones) gives this error when i try to use;

Tensorflow.InvalidArgumentError: Converting GraphDef to Graph has failed. The binary trying to import the GraphDef was built when GraphDef version was 440. The GraphDef was produced by a binary built when GraphDef version was 1645.

when i update nuget SciSharp.TensorFlow.Redist 2.16.0 colab trained models works fine but trained models gives this error but it occurs sometimes;

System.EntryPointNotFoundException: Unable to find an entry point named 'TF_StringEncodedSize' in DLL 'tensorflow'. at Tensorflow.c_api.TF_StringEncodedSize(UInt64 len) at Microsoft.ML.Vision.ImageClassificationTrainer.EncodeByteAsString(VBuffer1 buffer)    at Microsoft.ML.Vision.ImageClassificationTrainer.ImageProcessor.ProcessImage(VBuffer1& imageBuffer) at Microsoft.ML.Vision.ImageClassificationModelParameters.Classifier.Score(VBuffer1& image, Span1 classProbabilities) at Microsoft.ML.Vision.ImageClassificationModelParameters.<>c__DisplayClass22_02.<Microsoft.ML.Data.IValueMapper.GetMapper>b__0(VBuffer1& src, VBuffer1& dst)    at Microsoft.ML.Data.SchemaBindablePredictorWrapperBase.<>c__DisplayClass19_02.b__0(TDst& dst) at Microsoft.ML.Data.PredictedLabelScorerBase.EnsureCachedPosition[TScore](Int64& cachedPosition, TScore& score, DataViewRow boundRow, ValueGetter1 scoreGetter)    at Microsoft.ML.Data.MulticlassClassificationScorer.<>c__DisplayClass16_0.<GetPredictedLabelGetter>b__1(VBuffer1& dst) at Microsoft.ML.Data.TypedCursorable1.TypedRowBase.<>c__DisplayClass8_01.b__0(TRow row) at Microsoft.ML.Data.TypedCursorable1.TypedRowBase.FillValues(TRow row)  at Microsoft.ML.Data.TypedCursorable1.RowImplementation.FillValues(TRow row) at Microsoft.ML.PredictionEngineBase2.FillValues(TDst prediction)    at Microsoft.ML.PredictionEngine2.Predict(TSrc example, TDst& prediction) at Microsoft.ML.PredictionEngineBase`2.Predict(TSrc example) at FaceRecognizer.MyTrainer.Predictor.Predict(GlobalImageInput inp) in E:\source\repos\Setup_Projects\FaceRecognizer\FaceRecognizer\MyTrainer\Predictor.cs:line 52

i found that TF_StringEncodedSize function no longer exists after tensorflow 2.4.0 . Is there a way to use all models in my app?for example, can i use different versions of this SciSharp.TensorFlow.Redist nuget while runtime,i mean is there any way of changing the version of this nuget at runtime? if no, how can i handle this situation?

What I have tried:

i tried different combinations of these nugets

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