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Hai team
I want a code for
transfer the data from one system to another through IP address
our application has to check the data for ever 5mins what the data is updated that data has to send to another application automatically please help me

What I have tried:

Iam trying but i did't getting that logic
pkfox 14-May-24 3:03am    
Read up on SignalR

This is such a vague question. You want to transfer data between two systems, okay that's fairly simple to do. However, there are questions you have to think about.

  • Does the system you are transferring the data to have the ability to read the data?
  • Do you need to establish trust between these systems (are there firewalls in the way, do you need to open ports, etc)?
  • What format does the system receiving the data need it in?
  • Do you have all the data that the receiver expects?
  • Is there mandatory information that needs to be in the data that you don't have?
  • Do you need to have a constant connection to stream the data or do you have to establish a connection, transmit the data, and then close it again?
  • How are you going to handle cases where you can't establish the connection?
  • What policies do you need to consider if you open a connection and then it's force terminated before you finish sending the data?
The question you asked sounds like homework. If it's not homework, then the points I have just listed should be at least part of the conversation you need to have to define your requirements.
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suresh babu lagasani 3-May-24 8:51am    
this is project only i want code for that
Pete O'Hanlon 3-May-24 9:00am    
We aren't going to write code for you. If you want code, pay someone to do it for you. You haven't actually addressed the questions I posed and that is going to lead you to an incorrect solution.
I'd start by looking at Sockets: Socket Class (System.Net.Sockets) | Microsoft Learn[^]
Set up a Socket server on the data source PC, and have clients connect to that.
When the data changes, the server can update all the clients (or at least tell them it has changed and they should deal with that).

It may seem a bit heavy duty, but it's really quite easy, and it only uses bandwidth when it's needed.
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