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Hi everyone,
My goal is to learn the C# language for web design.
A friend of mine, who has been a programmer for many years, said I should learn the following in order:

1- HTML and CSS
2- Bootstrap
3- JavaScript
4- JQuery

1- C#
2- Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Approach
3- ASP .NET (Core) and one of the following:
3-1- MVC
3-2- EF Core
3-3- Identity
3-4- Web API

My question is:
1. Is the above path correct?
2. How can I learn the above at an acceptable speed?
3. What are the perfect resources for learning above?

I have to say that I am an applied math student right now.

What I have tried:

I find, But I don't know that the proposed path is appropriate or not.

Others may have different ideas, but maybe start by giving your self some basic projects and learn by doing. When you get stuck you can ask more specific questions here. You can do a lot worse than ask ChatGPT for project ideas, pick one that you think that you would enjoy doing. Then break it down into smaller chunks and start working on it.

E.g. Create a weather dashboard that displays information using a public API. You'll learn about API requests and handling JSON data.

1. Install Visual Studio (or another IDE that supports C# and ASP.NET development)
2. Start a new project in your IDE
3. Create a simple user interface with ASP.NET Razor pages that displays things like temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc
4. Pick a free weather API like OpenWeatherMap or Weatherstack, get the API key, and learn how to fetch data from it in C#
5. Write a function to call the weather API, get the weather data for a specific location, and display it on your dashboard
6. Implement error handling to manage issues like failed API calls

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There are some excellent tutorials at W3Schools Online Web Tutorials[^] and .NET Book Zero by Charles Petzold[^]. But you can probably find others as well.
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We need to challenge some assumptions here. Are you sure that you want to go with the proposed stack? If you are looking for a career, you should be looking at the stack to see if it matches the companies in your area or the ones you would like to apply for. If the companies you would like to work at all use the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node), then learning C# and ASP.NET is a waste of time for you.

Most modern UI development avoids jQuery. So, while it is largely present under the covers somewhere, the need for you to encounter it is not so high.

So, think about the career path you are attempting to follow. Make the stack decision based off that, and good luck.
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