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hi i have a script in bash for scrape a web page, it work but i have a regexp not work perfect this is my code
# Define variables for URL and browser
# Get HTML content of the page
html_content=$(curl -s -L "$url")
# Use xidel to extract the listings
xidel_output=$(xidel --xpath '
    //li//div[contains-token(@class, "in-listingCardPropertyContent")] ! string-join(
            ( "price=" || tokenize(div[@class = "in-listingCardPrice"])[last()] ),
            ( "size="  || normalize-space(div[contains-token(@class,"in-listingCardFeatureList")]/div[contains(.,"m²")]) ),
            ( "link="  || a[@class = "in-listingCardTitle"]/@href ),
            ( "desc="  || a[@class = "in-listingCardTitle"]/@title )
' "$url")
# Check if the temporary file exists and delete it if present
if [ -f "temp.txt" ]; then
    rm temp.txt
# Remove price=, the dots separating the thousands, and the decimal part if present
echo "$xidel_output" | awk -F 'price=' '{gsub(/\./,"",$2); gsub(/,[0-9]+/,"",$2); print $2}' | sed -e 's/size=/;/g' -e 's/link=/;/g' -e 's/desc=/;/g' -e 's/m²//g' > temp.txt
# Connection to SQLite database
# Loop through the listings and insert them into the SQLite database
while IFS= read -r row; do
    sqlite3 "$db_file" "INSERT INTO $sGDomain (prezzo, link, descrizione, metratura) VALUES ($row)"
done < temp.txt
and this is a example of that extract
price=29.920,00	size=80 m²	link=	desc=Appartamento all'asta via Saminiatese 82, Fucecchio
i want have somthing like this
;29920;80; ;Appartamento all'asta via Saminiatese 82, Fucecchio
but in my case return this not have at astart ; and remove all dot in txt
29920	;80 	;https://wwwimmobiliareit/annunci/112315175/	;Appartamento all'asta via Saminiatese 82, Fucecchio
remove . also in link part is possible tell to awk remove only a dot in price to space ?

What I have tried:

i tryed also in this mode
#echo "$xidel_output" | sed -e 's/price=/;/g' -e 's/size=/;/g' -e 's/link=//g' -e 's/desc=/;/g' -e 's/m²/;/g' > temp.txt

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