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I'm trying to do automatic document annotation

In my python code I have added function set_paragraph_bg_color to use annotation colors, annotate header and paragraphs using process_docx and one more function annotate_images for images only. I'll add more to annotate in detail but I wanted to proceed with this code first. I find a problem here that images (should be annotated in light blue) isn't getting annotated and header (annotated in yellow) too isn't getting annotated.

In the input word document, I had added 1 header using insert header settings, 2 paragraphs and 1 image that was taken from web.

In the output word document, only the paragraphs are getting annotated.

Here's the input docx snap

Also the output docx snap :

<pre>from docx import Document
from docx.shared import RGBColor
from docx.oxml import OxmlElement
from docx.oxml.ns import qn

def set_paragraph_bg_color(paragraph, color_hex):
    shading_elm = OxmlElement('w:shd')
    shading_elm.set(qn('w:val'), 'clear')
    shading_elm.set(qn('w:color'), 'auto')
    shading_elm.set(qn('w:fill'), color_hex)

def annotate_images(doc):
    for rel in doc.part.rels.values():
        if "image" in rel.target_ref:
            image = rel.target_part
            for paragraph in doc.paragraphs:
                for elem in paragraph._element.iter():
                    if elem.tag.endswith('}inline'):
                        if elem.attrib.get(qn('r:embed')) == rel.rel_id:    
                            set_paragraph_bg_color(paragraph, 'ADD8E6')
def process_docx(input_path, output_path):
    doc = Document(input_path)

    for paragraph in doc.paragraphs:
            set_paragraph_bg_color(paragraph, 'FFFF00') # Yellow
        elif paragraph.text.strip(): #Ensures non-empty paragraphs
            set_paragraph_bg_color(paragraph, 'D3D3D3') # Light grey

    for table in doc.tables:
        for row in table.rows:
            for cell in row.cells:
                for paragraph in cell.paragraphs:
                    if paragraph.text.strip():
                        set_paragraph_bg_color(paragraph, 'FFFFFF') #White


input_path = 'C:\\Users\\Me<big></big>\\Desktop\\Document annotate
output_path = 'annotated_document.docx'

process_docx(input_path, output_path)

print(f"Annotated Document saved to {output_path}")

What I have tried:

I've tried to fix the annotate_images function by hashing when image.blob was used in the function. This didn't work when generating the output docx.

import hashlib
def annotate_images(doc):
for rel in doc.part.rels.values():
if "image" in rel.target_ref:
image = rel.target_part
image_hash = hashlib.sha256(image.blob).hexdigest()
for paragraph in doc.paragraphs:
paragraph_text_hash = hashlib.sha256(paragraph.text.encode('utf-8')).hexdigest()
if image_hash == paragraph_text_hash:
annotate_paragraph(paragraph, 'ADD8E6')

For the header part I'm really confused.

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