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when we redirect one form to another then return back to first checkbox doest not show true..
I want that show check true please help me
[no name] 2-Feb-13 6:58am    
What have you done so far ?
Mandy Nagra 2-Feb-13 7:00am    
i have redirect from one form to another nw redirect to first form checkbox remain unchecked
Mandy Nagra 2-Feb-13 7:01am    
i want it should be checked

When you open a webpage, it is as if you have never been there before, unless you code explicitly checks and loads information into it.
Normally, this information would be stored in the Session or in Cookies.

Session[^] for data you want to throw away when the browser is closed (or before).
Cookies[^] for data that you want to preserve even if the PC is powered down and restarted. (Shopping baskets are an example)
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use querystring to maintain the checkbox state when it revert back.
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Mandy Nagra 2-Feb-13 7:03am    
oliver grace 2-Feb-13 7:10am    
in your second form call response.redirect within that write your previous form name and checkbox.checked,
this will redirect your checkbox value to first form. call this in first form pageload.
then u will get it........
oliver grace 2-Feb-13 7:11am    
have u heard about namevaluecollection try to use this to get it...
i think you can use query string...
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Mandy Nagra 2-Feb-13 7:56am    
m just confused
because i want after redirect to first form from second that checkboxes are true that i have done earler

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