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Hello everyone,
Suppose i have a class and this class has a properties of its own type
forexample// node.node. etc

Now i want to identify the depth of my tree, for that i made a new property(int depth)
so that each new generated node it will have a depth value = parentdepth + 1;

Now i want to know is there a relation between the class and its property so that i can use for this job,

Thanks in advance,
Updated 2-Feb-13 7:36am
zaphoed 2-Feb-13 14:47pm
hi i admit that i don't understand your question. So far, i think i understood that you've got something like this:

class X
public int Depth { get; private set; }
public List<x> Children { get; private set; }

public X(X parent) { Depth = (parent != null ? parent.Depth + 1 : 0); }

can you please elaborate on "is there a relation between the class and its property"?
Wrong idea! You are thinking of classes as something which may or may not contain some tool. Instead, you should think of classes as an instrument for creation whatever you want. Ad storing depth is also a bad idea.

Don't try storing a depth - it will either be wrong, or will get out of step and cause problems. If you need to know the depth of a particular node, follow it's parent list back until you either get to the node you are checking from, or to the head of the tree. It's a simple loop if you have a parent property in your node - if you don't then you need to recursively check down the tree until you find the node, or run out of nodes to check.
Agree, a 5.
Joezer BH 3-Feb-13 1:12am
Check this link: Link

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