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which programming language is more familiar if we are going to work with binary.

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All computer languages 'work with binary' or rather wouldn't work without it. If you're going to be doing bit 'twiddling', for example writing your own ieee754 floating point implementation then 'C' is the traditional language of choice but these days C++ is a better option in my opinion or of course there is always assembler.
The advantage C or C++ give you over BASIC or Python or even Pascal is that you can control precisely the layout of data in memory, down to the physical memory addresses at which data is stored. This is why C is used for system programming, like writing operating systems and hardware device drivers where there is nothing to manage memory for you or prevent your program from overwriting itself or where exact numbers of bits and bytes in precisely the right place are critical.
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Albert Holguin 5-Feb-13 11:50am    

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