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Hi every body
I need to write a project about online form designing and I want to have the toolbox that is in VS or other IDEs but not that complicated.
Only I need to have an online tool box in my web application that allow user as admin to add as much as Text boxes, labels, combo boxes, radio boxes,... to the online form and save it.
All I want is: How to add this online toolbox to my web app?

For more information, for each object that has entry (e.g: text box/ combo box/ option button ,... )I should ADD a column in my server Database and the whole form will be send to other users in Android App to fill it out!
(I need this online tool box only in web application (i.e : in internet browsers) for designing forms.)
Updated 27-Jun-18 3:26am
bbirajdar 4-Feb-13 9:01am    
Okay... What have you tried????? and how are you planning to write the backend functionality for these user generated forms?
HamedMP 4-Feb-13 9:10am    
Really I have no idea about this! I try to find out how these online iOs/android application builders work and all I found I think they using CSS ,Html (I think) so I try to build web app.
bbirajdar 4-Feb-13 10:06am    
Check .. This might be of some help to you
HamedMP 5-Feb-13 5:14am    
Thank you, I want to write a program nearly the same as one of these 25 sites that you gave me! :) As i said, user should design form by himself in my program and save it to use it in other part of programms! :D , so it will be something like this sites! :D
bbirajdar 5-Feb-13 6:04am    
Nice idea.. Go ahead..And good luck...

1 solution

checkout elementor open source project,
it allows user to design forms,
it is writtern in php, you have to port it to .net
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Richard Deeming 27-Jun-18 10:00am    
FIVE YEARS too late, and you couldn't even find an answer that uses the right technology?

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