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I want to create a online website builder, through which users can easily create their own website by simply dragging and dropping tools.For example:

All i need to know is that how can i start and how will the project work. I mean when a user drags a tool, i know that on the backend HTML will be rendered but how can i implement this?
Updated 20-Mar-10 2:35am
jebasingh29 2-Jan-17 9:46am    
Same issue with me @wiqqiroxx if u done the project can u pls help me with this?

If you want them to drag and drop, you'll need to use some JavaScript to handle that on the client rather than just using
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If you plan on using AJAX, then you plan on using JavaScript. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML.
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There are various things you need to do. Try to narrow your question (and clarify it). To get started you will have to implement drag and drop using JavaScript.
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but im planning to use with ajax
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yes but the point is how can i do this......wen some user drags a tool for example a "HEADER" so HTML will be rendered....but how can i implement this ......
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ok i implemented the drag and drop i want to create sub domains

using URL REWRITING .... i have read some posts over here and on forums but im unable to understand how to use those http module infact how and where to implement those ? second i need help regarding 1 more thing that ...the control which user drag and drops to the user area so where should the html of that control be saved ?? in a text file or where ?? and when he drags to his webpage area so should i copy that html to his webpage file ?? so HOW TO DO THIS THING ??

please HElp ...THANKS TO EVERY 1 in advance :) im SURE I WILL BE HELPED :)
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use IIS to make Website builder
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