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I have an Access 2007 (.accdb) with a table that contains a date field.
if, using the access Query, I run :
UPDATE Testx SET [Testx_Date] = #03/04/2013# where Testx_Criteria = 'AA'

I end up with the value 04/03/2013 in the database.

The input is intended to be dd/mm/yyyy but the result in the database is mm/dd/yyyy.
(as discovered when the data is read by a .net or vba application.

I have tried changing the format and input mask in the table (under design view) but to no avail.

Important to note that my OS (WIN 7) Region and language shortdate settings have been set to dd/MM/yyyy.

Can anyone advise me on how to get the date into the table in the same structure as i have it in the SQL statement.

the SQL statement is an abriged version of the real table but tests exatly the same.


Thanks guys
Updated 5-Feb-13 2:40am
Zoltán Zörgő 5-Feb-13 8:57am    
I don't get your problem. Let Access store it's date field as it wants. You can still format you output as needed. You want to feed in date value in different format as it accepts? Make a VBA function to translate if needed.
Richard MacCutchan 5-Feb-13 9:00am    
This looks like a duplicate of your other question.
Darrell de Wet 5-Feb-13 9:09am    
Hi Richard
Essentially it is. The other question seemed a little .net orientated and i figured that the problem coud be a purely Access problem so i posted again.
I hope that it has not irked anyone.
Either way I have received some good advice on both.

There is a difference between the date stored in the database and the date shown in the user interface.
You think you are inserting the date in this format dd/mm/yyyy, but the settings on your system indicate it is mm/dd/yyyy. To test this, just try 26/02/2013 and you'll get an error.

To overcome this, there is a very simple trick. Always start with the year first. The format yyyy/mm/dd is always interpreted correctly. Give it a try.

Good luck!
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If you able to change table structure you should use custom date/time format then.
Please refer this article:[^]
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