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I have come across a new task where in i have to upgrade my application such that when the entries are made in any of the databases located at remote site, the data must be updated at the main server. The detail problem is like we want to design the system such that the user is unaware about the connectivity of the database he just has to use the application for his work. so I want to implement such design where the data entered is always updated on the server database. The ways I thought for is the online and offline connection. Offline connection is important as there is no guarantee of having the Internet connection on every site at every time so even if there is no internet connection the user can use application and can then connect to the server at a scheduled time for updating the data at the server. I thought of restoring the database, but this can't be done everyday as the size of database will be increasing every moment. So I need to find out ways of implementing such design where the user is free from the updating purpose, the data automatically gets updated at scheduled time(in offline mode) and keeps on updating continuously when it is connected(in online mode).
For example the emails, Train tickets reservation, etc.

So can any one give any insight on this please?
Thanks in advance

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Having done something similar a few years ago I can tell you that this is not a nice task!
Much will depend on which version of SQL-Server you are using - the tools have been getting better. Another key point is whether or not the data is shared - in other words if the same rows can be updated at any of the locations then the task is far more complicated.

However here are some starting points ...

Transactional Replication is a key phrase for your research - Microsoft article can be found here[^] and another here[^]

If you are using SQL 2005 then this detailed how-to[^] will be useful

SQL2008 upwards see this article[^] which uses Sync and includes a code sample.

Depending on your budget and expertise, my advice would be go for a third-party out-of-the-box solution rather than trying to write/configure something yourself - here's an example product from Red-Gate[^]

Good luck
kunal jangade 6-Feb-13 6:40am
Thanks for your solution.
I use SQLServer2008 Express edition.
I am have clients located at remote places and the application will be used at different places. My database has approx 100 tables and stored procedures. and the size of data will keep on increasing everyday.
can u give me any help regarding this?
CHill60 6-Feb-13 7:29am
In that case I would read this article
kunal jangade 7-Feb-13 7:35am
Thanks for your valuable feedback.

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