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public void JoiningVideo()
    string j = @"D:/test2";

    string outputpath = @"D:/test3/beforeEventab1.wmv";
    DirectoryInfo di = new DirectoryInfo(j);
    FileStream fs;
    fs = new FileStream(outputpath, FileMode.Append);
    foreach (FileInfo fi in di.GetFiles(@"*.wmv"))
        byte[] bytesource = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(fi.FullName);
        fs.Write(bytesource, 0, bytesource.Length);

This following is a code to join two videos. When I run the program it joins two videos and puts joined video in a folder. The joined video size is correct as it should be.

But when I play the video it plays the first part of the video in WMP but when i play the video in VLC it plays the second part of video.

1 solution

You can't just bolt two files together and expect them to magically work out how to reorganise themselves!

Video files are complex objects, with multiple streams inside - to join two videos, you need to append the video streams together, and append the audio stream together separately. What you have done is weld a car onto the front of your existing car and expect it to magically become a stretched limousine!

If you want to join videos, then look at VirtualDubMod - it's open source (it doesn't join files very well but you can get the source). I use AviDemux[^] when I want to - it's source isn't available, but it's free and does a pretty good job.
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