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I have a view, inside view i am calling an aspx page to load report viewer. I wanted to pass the parameter of the url to the aspx page which is inside the iframe.

The browser url is localhost/Contract/ContractReport/12233

I want 12233 to be passed to the iframe source as ../../ContractReport.aspx?12233

Please give me suggestions

Simple call your page like this
<iframe src="/ContractReport.aspx?12233"></iframe>

------------- Updated Answer below

Set your URL in controller like this
public ActionResult Index()
     ViewBag.myURL = "/abc.aspx?" + querystring; // set your dynamic URL here
     return View();

Then in your View,
<iframe id="iframe" src="@Url.Content(ViewBag.myURL)" style="width: 700; height: 700px;"></iframe>
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Ahamed Azeem 7-Feb-13 14:06pm    
Bro, it will not be same always.. I want it to take dynamically
[no name] 7-Feb-13 14:12pm    
You didn't mention it in your question. Then why don't you use viewbag?
Ahamed Azeem 7-Feb-13 14:17pm    
Yes I forgot to put for ex.

This is get so how can i use viewbag to pass from the controller
Ahamed Azeem 7-Feb-13 14:17pm    
and the link to this page is in another view
Ahamed Azeem 7-Feb-13 14:28pm    
I solved this myself @ViewContext.RouteData.Values["id"]
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