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Hi all - I have a problem with implementing interfaces in a C# project.

I have a Windows form with the following interface in it:

public interface Trigger
           void UpdateClient();
           void UpdateHotel();

class UpdateParties: Trigger

           static void Main()
               UpdateParties iImp = new UpdateParties();

           public void UpdateClient ()
               this.toolStripStatusLabelGuestID.Text = "Client ID: " + globals.CurrentGuestID;

               // Populate name details box
               this.tbGuest.Text = globals.PreFill;

           public void UpdateHotel ()
               this.toolStripStatusLabelHotelID.Text = "Hotel ID: " + globals.CurrentHotelID;

               // Populate name details box
               this.tbHotel.Text = globals.PreFill;


where GetHotelData() is used elsewhere by a button click event on the form itself.

Now I'm facing two problems when I try and compile this. The first is an error message along the lines of 'Myproject.frmDisplay.UpdateParties' does not contain a definition for 'toolStripStatusLabelGuestID' and no extension method 'toolStripStatusLabelGuestID' accepting a first argument of type 'Myproject.frmDisplay.UpdateParties' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

- this pops up every time I reference a control on the form itelf (toolStripStatusLabelHotelID is a label on the toolstrip bar, same thing happens for a textbox called tbGuest) and so I get four error messages of this kind.

The second error is The name 'GetHotelData' does not exist in the current context when it comes to invoking GetHotelData(). I don't want to duplicate GetHotelData() as it plays with data tables etc. on the main form and I can't shuffle those around.

How do I resolve these issues? I have other code in the form itself that invokes GetHotelData() and manipulates the controls just fine, and I don't want to start breaking things. All I need to do is invoke these methods from another form so that this form updates its display.

1 solution

No, you do not have such a Windows Form!
Start over again - create a new Windows Forms project in Visual Studio, rename Form1 to UpdateParties, add the UI elements.
And then change
public partial class UpdateParties : Form
public partial class UpdateParties : Form, Trigger
and insert the two functions from your snippet above, and the GetHotelData function.
boogac 8-Feb-13 4:41am
can you explain how do you understand that he does not have a Windows Form ? Because of 'Myproject.frmDisplay.UpdateParties' does not contain a definition for 'toolStripStatusLabelGuestID' error ??
Bernhard Hiller 8-Feb-13 10:41am
Just look at the definition:
class UpdateParties: Trigger
and "Trigger" is just his interface. No Form with that name (maybe it is somewhere else).

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