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plz give information about my command line interface project i want to help how to create a cmd interface

[Edit - Subject changed from "regarding project it most improtant for me plz give me answer"
Updated 8-Feb-13 1:11am
Matthew Faithfull 8-Feb-13 7:11am    
I think you're going to have to be more specific and to avoid being flamed you might want to post some code from whatever you've attempted so far. All the questions here are 'important' to someone and many of those who give answers for free don't like txtspeak.
You might want to consider. What do you mean by 'cmd interface'? What is it for? Maybe a 'cmd interface' isn't even the right solution. If it is then surely someone would have used one before to solve a similar problem. Think of some keywords and use Google to look for things like 'Command line interface examples in C++'
Get started and when you get stuck on how to parse embedded quotations or something then there will be people here to help.
rakesh khatik 8-Feb-13 7:24am    
no sir i want code for cmd
rakesh khatik 8-Feb-13 7:25am    
plz give me answer
Matthew Faithfull 8-Feb-13 7:31am    
cmd.exe is the commandline processor for Microsoft DOS. It was written by Bill Gates himself along with a team of others, apparently as a development of code they bought from another company. Bill licensed it to IBM and became rich. If you want the code for it ask him.

Now you have an answer. It was not the answer you wanted but I believe that is because you did not ask the question you wanted answered or follow the response you got. I'm sorry that I cannot help you further.
Quirkafleeg 8-Feb-13 9:20am    
Unfortunately, the use of the 'z' in "please" generally negates help from the majority - but I applaud you for limiting yourself to just 1.

Ummm you might need to post some more detail here, basically we have no idea what you're talking about - define the requirements, what you have done already, and what you are having problems with. If you have specific problems, people will address them, but you won't have luck if you've done no work, people won't make the project for you. So please add a lot more detail.
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Create a console project in Visual Studio. If you don't have it install it.
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Use standard functions in the "iostream" header and as said in previous answer, create a project with an IDE of your choice.

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char **args)
   cout << "Hello world, I could have used google for this :P" << endl;
   return 0;
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