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Hey Everyone,

looking for an example on downloading and uploading from FTPS site, any help would be great!

SFTP means SSH File Transfer Protocol:[^].

As this protocol is not directly supported in .NET FCL, you will have to use some 3-rd party library. Please see:[^],[^],[^],[^].

See also:[^].

You can try to find some more:[^].

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Jaslier Alex 12-Jan-15 5:46am    
I have used sharpssh, it's very well lib for .net
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Jan-15 14:12pm    
Good. You are welcome. Will you accept the answer formally (green "Accept" button)?
Jaslier Alex 13-Jan-15 3:35am    
Yes i accept your answer, but i haven't the gree button. :(
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 13-Jan-15 10:43am    
Opps! Thank you for telling me. I haven't seen that button for a long time as I have nothing to accept. What is that now?

I'm a bit confused, because title says 'SFTP', tag 'FTP' and answer body 'FTPS'. They are not the same.

FTP - is the oldest one. Plain file transfer protocol run over unsecured communication channel.

FTPS (or FTP/SSL) is FTP run over TLS/SSL secured communication channel. TLS/SSL channel intialization can be done in flavours called 'explicit' or 'implicit'. See for more info on TLS/SSL implicit and explicit modes[^].

SFTP - another, completely unrelated file transfer protocol. SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer protocol.

More info can be found here:[^]

API support

FTP - supported via FtpWebRequest included in .NET
FTPS - implicit - supported in FtpWebRequest in .NET
FTPS - explicit - not support by .NET out of the box. You'll need a third party support.
SFTP - not support by .NET out of the box. You'll need a third party support.

For FTP I would suggest trying Rebex FTP/SSL[^] - it supports FTP, FTP/SSL implicit and FTP/SSL explicit.

For SFTP I would suggest Rebex SFTP[^]. If you get both of them you'll be even able to write code which uses both SFTP and FTP using common IFtp API[^].

Other options for SFTP was already mentioned on post above.
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