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I am making an application in Visual Studio 2005 to display data on crystal report.
I have grouped the elements on the basis of Vendor Number.
I have two problems here.

First is the first page of Crystal Report is coming blank. It is showing only column names, date and page number. But data is displayed from second page.</a>[^]

And my second problem is I want to display Vendor name in the place of Vendor Code as a page title.
And both the vendor code and vendor name are in different databases. So I will have to write a query for this. So, how to do it.

Hope my question is clear.
Updated 11-Feb-13 20:39pm

select each section, right click and "Fit Section" it will remove unnecessary empty space

have you set option in any section "New Page After"/"New Page Before" ?
if you set this option in header section/detail section then it will cause the problem you are facing right now.

Happy Coding!
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SweetHoneyBee 14-Feb-13 23:48pm    
Thank you. It is working :)
Aarti Meswania 14-Feb-13 23:52pm    
u r welcome! SweetHoneyBee nice name :)
Glad to help you dear! :)
Hi Can you post a screen shot of the crystal report layout, I think you are keeping the element in the wrong segment i.e. under a sub page.

Normally it is good to create a dataset in code that contains all the relevant information then assign that dataset to the crystal report; so in this way you can create the dataset as you like from whatever database and as many joint statements as you want.

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SweetHoneyBee 13-Feb-13 23:02pm    
Ok. So here is screen shot of my crystal report layout.
And when I add two columns in group by, two pages are coming out blank.
Can you remove the groups and just keep the column title labels in the section 2 "Page Header" and the column data in the section 3 "Details". This will get rid of additional pages you are seeing.

Also if you not adding anything between sections, then keep it closer i.e. don't leave empty spaces, small empty space in the designer can take huge space in actual view, this may fill up pages.

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This is very common problem. You need to set your groupby 'Set Togeter' Property False.
If you using subreport you also need to 'Set Togeter' Property False. You can Solution of Problem more details. Thanks
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