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I'm creating a custom textbox control (CustomTextBox).
I use a ToolBoxBitmapAttribute to show an icon in the Visual Studio Toolbox:
    public sealed class CustomTextBox : TextBox

I try to show the same icon for my text box as the icon for the System.Windows.Forms.TextBox.
Now, I'm expecting a TextBox icon in the toolbox for my CustomTextBox, but I see this icon:[^]
So, I tried also this code:
[ToolboxBitmap(typeof(TextBox),"System.Windows.Forms.TextBox.bmp")] // System.Windows.Forms.TextBox.bmp is the resource name of the icon for the TextBox, according to my decompiler
    public sealed class CustomTextBox : TextBox

But I still see this icon:[^]
How can I show the TextBox for my CustomTextBox in my tool box instead of the other icon?

Note: my CustomTextBox class is in another assembly than my Windows Forms project, and I add a reference to the assembly with my CustomControl.

Thanks in advance.

[Edit]Subject updated (changed 'item' into 'icon')[/Edit]
Updated 11-Feb-13 23:06pm
ali_heidari_ 12-Feb-13 3:32am    
its really good question! i wanna know its answer too
Thomas Daniels 12-Feb-13 3:49am    
Thank you!

1 solution

Try following code, it works for me:
[ToolboxBitmap(typeof(TextBox), "TextBox.bmp")]
    public sealed class CustomTextBox : TextBox


And don't forget to remove and add again your component to toolbox after recompile.
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Thomas Daniels 12-Feb-13 7:23am    
Thank you!
Thomas Daniels 12-Feb-13 7:34am    
Now, it's working also without "TextBox.bmp". The reloading of the component was the trick.

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