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Dear All,

Although i have already asked almost the same questions in past also,But I am still not clear about following thing in AJAX partial postbacks and partial renderings.

I have a few straightforward questions that are still annoying me...

1) I have multiple frames on my page. Can i refresh the page in another frame without flickering?..ex.

Left frame contains a button and right frame contains a Grid in an UpdatePanel.
On Button click(from left frame) ,can i refresh the grid content(DOM Refresh) without doing it in Ajax Response.??????

2) Do the partial rendering and partial updation of page content can be done using AJAX Update Panel but not changing/updating the DOM in ajax response. Is there any other way to update the HTML or DOM elements in code behind as i want to update Grid on run time (without flickering) and that i think is not a good approach to get the whole HTML of Grid in Response.

3) How do GMAIL/Yahoo mail etc. delete the rows at runtime and update the grid(i mean HTML) without postback then???

Please suggest,I am confused. :(

Thanks in advance.. :)
Updated 12-Feb-13 0:54am

1 solution

Although i have done all this, somewhere using synchronous Ajax calls also..but that is the worst i could do.
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