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Multiple Values For Single Row

hi iam totally new to databases , as a project i have to design a database of users...they have to register first like any i used stored procs and made entries to database using insert command...its working for now..

now every user will search and add other users in the every user will have a contact list...i have no idea how to implement this...

so far i created a table 'UserAccount' with column names as
UserName as varchar(50)
Password as varchar(50)
EmailID as varchar(100)
DateOfJoining as datetime
UserID as int ---> this is unique for user..i enabled automatic increment..and this is primary key..

so now every user must have a list of other userid's.. as contact list..

Any help any ideas will be great since i have no clue how to put multiple values for each row..i didnt even know how to search for this problems solution..iam sorry if this posted somewhere else..

1 solution

There are two ways to do it - either your contact list is a string with contacts separated by a special character, or you have a separate table for this.
The problem is that SQL does not have a concept of arrays - so you can't have a row with a variable number of fields.
While you could set it up with a string:
THis very quickly becomes a PITA to manipulate or search, or worse - remove a user from your system completely.

The best approach is to create a separate table, "Contacts":
ID          int - This can be an identity field.
UserID      int - ID of your user
ContactID   int - ID of one of his contacts

You can then fetch the list of contacts with a simple SQL statement:
SELECT ContactID FROM Contacts WHERE UserID=100
Changing the 100 to match the ID of your user.

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