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<br />
SQL> desc t1<br />
 Name         Null?    Type<br />
 -------------------------------<br />
 NO          NOT NULL NUMBER(38)<br />
 TID                  NUMBER(38)<br />
<br />
SQL> desc t2<br />
 Name          Null?    Type<br />
 ----------------------------------<br />
 TID           NOT NULL NUMBER(38)<br />
 NM                     CHAR(10)<br />
 NUM                    NUMBER(38)<br />
<br />
SQL> update t1,t2                         <br />
  2  SET t2.num=220333<br />
  3  where t1.tid=t2.tid<br />
  4  and<br />
  5  ;<br />

update t1,t2
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00971: missing SET keyword

I want to update <num> column of t2 but using <no> column of table t1.
Updated 12-Feb-13 23:46pm

1 solution

SET     t2.num = 220333
    SELECT  1
    FROM    t1
    WHERE   t1.tid=t2.tid
surkhi 14-Feb-13 0:37am
Thanx for it...
So,I have to select the row number to which I want to modify in select statement(select 1,select 2,select3........)
Jörgen Andersson 14-Feb-13 2:18am
No, the constant is only so that a row gets selected for the EXISTS clause. For an EXISTS to work you can select anything.
I prefer to select a constant instead of the standard * because I've been told it uses less memory. I have never controlled that statement though. Have checked it now, it doesn't matter, you can select whatever you want.

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