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Back End : Ms Access
Front End : Vb.Net or Asp.Net or Powershell
Mailing : Outlook or server side(gmail or yahoo)

I need to retrieve the data from database and send an email to the user.

Scenario for Example:

Database looks like below,

Product_ID Product_Name Date_Of_Purchase Email_ID
p00001 Mouse 02/14/2013
p00002 KeyBoard 01/11/2013
p00003 Cleaner 01/29/2013
p00004 Monitor 10/10/2012

I need like below,
View in Outlook.
Example 1:
From :
To :

Product ID Product Name Date of Purchase
p00001 Mouse 02/14/2013
p00003 Cleaner 01/29/2013

Example 2:

From :
To :

Product ID Product Name Date of Purchase
p00002 KeyBoard 01/11/2013

In one mail what are all the items the particular user purchased, it should go like above.
It should be in loop, next mail should go to the next user, next user next user.

Can anyone help me in this issue.
I am able to retrieve and send the mail by giving input.
I need it, without giving in input, it should be automated.

Please let me know if anyone know this program how to do, or any can suggest me how to do.
You can reach me @
[Email Deleted]

Updated 14-Feb-13 19:23pm
bbirajdar 14-Feb-13 2:28am
So what's the problem with this? What exact help do you need?
thajudeen301190 14-Feb-13 2:37am
I need a code, how it works.
How to send an email in loop by retrieving the data according to the email.
It should be in automated. No Manual Work.
bbirajdar 14-Feb-13 2:29am
And I guess you missed to post your twitter id .. :laugh:
thajudeen301190 14-Feb-13 2:37am
:p...I dont have twitter boss.
bbirajdar 14-Feb-13 10:08am
So .. Whats up.. How was the day today.. Any progress in this task ?

1 solution

You can send mail from Outlook by using Exchange web Services. The below link will help you.[^]

Examples on MSDN[^]
Hope this helps

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