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I have an Invoice Receipt like this :

                         < Invoice Receipt >                        Receipt No : 1

First Name :                                         Last Name : 

Age        :                                         Address   :

Amount Paid : 

Date of Payment : 

User insert this receipt paper in dotmatrix printer & hit print from web application then user information should display in front of their corresponding titles.

It is a web application, can anyone please help me how to achieve this.

Thanks in Advance.
Updated 13-Feb-13 19:25pm

As you are printing on the client you need to provide the client with suitably formatted html (or other file type)

You can use a print style sheet (see here[^] for a good explanation.

Alternatively you can build (say) a PDF file server-side and provide it to the user to print.
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[no name] 14-Feb-13 1:41am    
hi, thanks for reply.
If receipt paper size is half of A4 page, Can you please let me know whether Solution 1 will work or not.
If not then what should i suppose to do to fix it.
You could certainly do it for a single page with CSS - if you want to print multiple pages 'in one go' it would be harder.

Is it necessary to have pre-printed stationery? It would be far easier to print the titles and the data together

With CSS you can specify sizes in cm (for example) so with a bit of experimentation you should be able to get it to line up OK.

If you need to be exact, then probably generating a PDF server side is the way to go. More complex to do - but there are libraries out there (such as textSharp) that would help you do that.
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